Twitter for Aviation: One Month In

twitter_logoSo it’s been about a month since I first started using Twitter and I must say that I’ve been pretty impressed with it.Â

I will admit that when Twitter came out a few years ago, I had my doubts about its usefulness.  I mean, what was the point of sending little one line blurbs via text messaging and getting them from others?  At the time I also was stuck on the thought that all blog entries I made had to be huge monologues on my life — and as a result, I became burnt out.

Luckily I didn’t get burned out on social media overall and learned to make my blogs a bit shorter and have been taking time to read and follow others.  LinkedIn and Facebook took my fancy as well and I continue to enjoy those to keep track of old friends and make new business contacts and friends as well.

Recently I noticed more and more blogs include their Twitter updates and even started to find it on the social media apps.Â

So I decided to give it a go.

The folks I have met on the system have been really interesting in respect to topics and insight and have been very welcoming to me, a late adopting social media junkie…