It’s been a while now hasn’t it…

So, while I am waiting for a batch of files to upload to my webserver, I happened to “Google” myself just for kicks (yes, we all do it from time to time!) and happened across my little ol’ blog here and noticed that it hasn’t seen much activity in months!  Since I recently reclaimed my official domain name “” from the clutches of an old hosting account I bought long ago on Yahoo! (way back in 1997) and redirected it to my own server on (tell them Ryan Keough with the account sent ya!), I have been meaning to redesign that old website and develop it into my new blog / personal site with WordPress. (more…)

I Madly Miss My Miata

miata1 If you had asked me last year at this time if I were capable of falling in love with a car, I would have laughed in your face.  Cars?  Me?  Hardly something I was aware that someone could love!  For me, airplanes were far superior in many ways and their ground-bound, four-wheeled cousins were hardly a match on so many levels.

Perhaps my sour opinion on cars were due to the fact I was driving a Dodge Stratus at the time — hardly a car one could ‘love’ per se.

However, over the past year, my contempt for the auto slowly turned to care as something slowly brought me around.  Perhaps it was the day I caught a segment on England’s Top Gear by mistake and actually started enjoying the petrolhead banter of those smarmy Brits — so much so that I started watching it religiously.  Perhaps it was the day I spent wading through Wikipedia reading up on the most basic of information on the art of motoring — allowing me to understand what a differential is, or what understeer and oversteer are, and of course, all the stuff that I could have understood about care and feeding of my car years ago if only I had paid attention to my brother.

Regardless, as the Dodge started to gasp it’s last breaths in the Fall, I started looking for it’s replacement.  And dammit, I wasn’t going to get a loveless car again.

I wanted a fun car… something to take advantage of the nice weather in Arizona.  I didn’t care much for practicality as Lil has the Jeep Liberty and that has enough practicality for our small family.  I wanted something speedy, yet not a gas-hog… so a two-seater would be fine.


A Little Thanksgiving Gift!

IMG_2113 For those of you who know me, I do like animals and have always enjoyed pets.  Lil and I have our little Cockapoo Wolfie who just turned 15 this year and both Lil and I have had other pets throughout the years.

Since we moved to Arizona, I have been wanting to get a cat to live with us.  Lil and I both looked at the adoption organizations and fell in love with all sorts of cats, but never had the ability to get one as we always made excuses — wait until we had a bit more money, a bit more time, a bit cleaner house, etc.  I knew we wanted a cat, but the excuses seemed neverending.

Until Wednesday night.

On Wednesday night, my carpooling coworker Tom dropped me off in front of the clubhouse at our community, and immediately I heard a pleasant chirping meow greeting me as I got out of the car.  Looking over to a boulder in the landscaped garden area, I saw a skinny, but adult calico shorthair cat looking right at me — as if she was talking right to me.  Being a sucker for petting cats, I went right over and started petting and scratching her.

Then the purring started — which absolutely melted my heart.

I picked her up and noticed she had no ID or anything.  She was clearly thin and was certainly dirty — so I knew she had been outside for a while.  Unlike many of the strays around the area, she was so friendly and had no aversion to being picked up or anything.  I thought “hey, if Lil approves, maybe this little one can be ours!”

So the cat and I scooted to our home… or I should say, she followed me!  She came inside without hesitation and Lil fell in love with her as well!  We fed our little girl and then promptly got into the Jeep and headed to the pet store to pick up a litter box, cat food, a scratching post (or should I say, cat condo) and other essentials including a grooming brush.

On the way home, Lil and I thought about what to name our new little princess — and in honor of Thanksgiving and her autumn colored coat, we decided on “Pumpkin”.

We got home to find her exploring the house and “feeling out” Wolfie.  Though Wolfie is extremely docile, the cat’s instincts were still kicking and so she growled and hissed a bit.

She immediately knew how to use the litter box and that took a load off.  Though Wolfie is housetrained, her age betrays her and she has been spotting a bit more than usual.  If Pumpkin were to take the same habit, it might have been a disaster.

IMG_2114 Pumpkin slept through the night well and has been a delight to have around!  She has a bit of a curious nature and has been jumping up on everything — counters, bureaus, furniture… you name it.  Other than that, she’s been great!

We took her to Dr. Benesh yesterday and he gave her a clean bill of health.  He estimates she’s about six months old and has no signs of FIV or Leukemia — what a relief!  Now, he wasn’t sure if she was carrying some little surprises of her own — but we’ll just need to cross that bridge when we get there.

I’m quite happy that Pumpkin “chose us” last week!  Her arrival into our house is much like many of the events that have happened to us over the last few years — serendipity in the purest form!

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Serendipity: Sometimes Things Happen for a Reason.

ryanavatar When a person turns thirty-years-old, the idea of being a “young person” has pretty much gone away.  You’ve passed the milestones of adulthood: you are old enough to drive, old enough to drink, old enough to get drafted (if that ever came about), and old enough to rent a car — which has become something of a 21st century right of passage at the age of 25.

But once you are 30; you’re an adult and there isn’t much left that’s off limits to you — except maybe an AARP membership — and that’s nothing I’ll look forward to. By this time, it’s assumed that you’ve got your life together and are past the entry-level jobs, have some sort of meaningful relationship, and are well on your way to personal success and happiness.

For me, I’ll remember my 30th year on planet Earth to be something of an interesting and strange year — one that became a perfect example of serendipity in motion.