Top Ten Ways to Become an Airshow Insider

2035287760057782051nvZtLX_ph Well folks, it’s summer and the airshow season is in full swing. The oil crunch has been unkind to quite a few shows out there, causing cancellations for some and scale-backs for others — but thanks to loyal fans, airshows still stand as tip-top entertainment.

I was supposed to be at my hometown airshow this weekend in Geneseo, NY — appropriately named “The Geneseo Airshow – The Greatest Show on Turf.” It’s one of the few grass-field shows left out there, and is something like a field of dreams for many aviation enthusiasts. Unfortunately the gas crunch hit me hard and made the trek of 2600 miles from AZ to NY impossible, so I am here soothing my sorrow for not being there with a blog post.

I will admit, I am not a die hard airshow fan like some — I rarely go to large shows with multiple jet teams and huge crowds. I prefer smaller, more intimate venues. I like the kind of shows where you can do a little talking with the crews and pilots and get hooked up with some behind-the-scenes access that the public can’t get usually. I like being an airshow insider.

But being an airshow insider is way more than the exclusive access and whatnot — it’s about getting more out of the show than just what’s happening in the air.  It’s about finding new ways to enjoy the event, or even just survive the harsh environment that they sometimes present to allow yourself to enjoy a show without feeling pain.

So based on that, I came up with ten ways to become the “Airshow Insider” — or ways to get the most out of your airshow experience.