Aviation: Reserved Unbridled Passion?

I was wandering through some of the archived stories in some of my favorite blogs from the past month and came across a nugget from Adam Webster’s Aviation Marketing Intelligence blog.

A post on how nuts we are in aviation.

Yep, nuts.

Read it at: http://adamwebster.com/2008/04/16/how-nuts-are-we/

planeAdam uses the example of a Pilatus PC-6 obsessed pilot who would literally do anything, anywhere — just to get the chance to fly a PC-6.  Yes, that’s the ugly STOL plane that can be found in the movie Air America… the one that looks like it stole aerodynamic theory from John Deere.

Anywhere means exactly that in this post — the PC-6 is used to get around in some of the most inhospitable areas — the jungles, the war torn, the mountainous.  Basically places where the closest Hilton is not just miles away, but time zones away.

I’d sell my first born for a gig flying a Supermarine Spitfire… but that really doesn’t count, right?

Regardless, it is a perfect example of how devoted many of us are to flying. A devotion that sometimes makes the most logically minded people make decisions that escape logic.