Ummm… wha?

Thanks to JenniferWhitley on Twitter… I will have bad dreams for the next few days.  She came across this rather disturbing photo…


Yes, yes, that is a TRON suit on him.

And yes… that suit is WAY too tight for his, um, body. Thank God pilots don’t normally dress like this… and I feel sorry for the guy who rented the plane after him.

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Air Museum Coming to Williams

7820aThe Williams Grand Canyon News today reported on the possible move to bring the warbird collection of Hans Lauridsen’s from current storage areas around the the Phoenix area to permanently relocating to Williams, AZ as the Lauridsen Aviation Museum — just off the I-40 at the gateway to the Grand Canyon.

Don’t take my word for it, read the full story at this link.

Lauridsen has had problems with the City of Glendale in his original plans to house the museum and collection there.  As a result, a good number of his planes are spread around the Phoenix area.

It frustrates me because I look at places here in the valley where you’d think the tourist attraction value of an aircraft museum would hold some water with the city fathers, but it seems like they are way too concerned about pooling resources to become the next Scottsdale. Take for evidence Mesa’s Falcon Field, Glendale, or even Phoenix-Gateway-Mesa-Williams-blah-blah airport… None of these places care about the historic aircraft, but will bend over backwards for the very light jet crowd (is there a “crowd” yet?)


Twitter for Aviation: One Month In

twitter_logoSo it’s been about a month since I first started using Twitter and I must say that I’ve been pretty impressed with it.Â

I will admit that when Twitter came out a few years ago, I had my doubts about its usefulness.  I mean, what was the point of sending little one line blurbs via text messaging and getting them from others?  At the time I also was stuck on the thought that all blog entries I made had to be huge monologues on my life — and as a result, I became burnt out.

Luckily I didn’t get burned out on social media overall and learned to make my blogs a bit shorter and have been taking time to read and follow others.  LinkedIn and Facebook took my fancy as well and I continue to enjoy those to keep track of old friends and make new business contacts and friends as well.

Recently I noticed more and more blogs include their Twitter updates and even started to find it on the social media apps.Â

So I decided to give it a go.

The folks I have met on the system have been really interesting in respect to topics and insight and have been very welcoming to me, a late adopting social media junkie…


I Want Me a Platinum Crew Pod

Ah Stephen, bless your little crooked ear smarminess…

Snagged from our friends over at Private Jets Magazine.

I’ll put this in my archive with the Ebonics Airlines sound clip…

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