Icon-ic? Yes Please!

icon Now, I will have to be the first to admit that I haven’t followed the Sport Pilot and LSA trend as much as I should have. As I am already a private pilot, the entire concept of the sport pilot certificate really didn’t immediately apply to me and because I don’t even have even enough to plop down as a down payment on a run-out Cessna 120, a new plane, no matter how small and simple, didn’t really entice me.

And why should I have been enticed?  I mean, most of the LSAs out there look like dinky versions of Cubs, Cessna 152s made from fiberglass, or generic low wing things. For me, yeah, I’d fly anything if given the chance, but the LSA / Sport push really isn’t aimed at “converting” me… but rather to get new pilot starts.

No aircraft currently being offered was really standing out to me as something that could take a non-pilot and make them go, “whoa! I want to fly that!”  Yeah, the Skycatcher has some potential (but what a stupid name), but it still follows the regular pattern of “make it look like our other high-wings and slap some glass instrumentation in there to up sell and let’s go.”

So needless to say, I’ve been disappointed. Until today that is.

I read Scott Spangler’s post today at JetWhine and was really interested with the feature… a little LSA amphibian called the ICON A5.  Yeah, it looks a lot like some of the homebuilt amphibs I’ve seem out there for years, but the thing that caught my eye was the cockpit. It was so… cool looking… and it has only a little bit of glass on a Bendix King moving map GPS.


iconcpt Oh now I am sure a whole load of people will call blasphemy on me for that one… I mean, everyone loves glass PFDs these days! What? Ryan Keough doesn’t want a G1000?  Oh he must be CRAZY!  Someone get him on some meds stat!

You know, I would love to have a G1000 — but not in an LSA.  To a regular, fairly experienced pilot who grew up on steam gauges, a glass PFD of any sort is a bit of a learning curve… but to a new sport-pilot-to-be… it must look like the most complicated thing out there! I am sure there are some that would get their jollies off learning a system like that, but I thought the concept of the sport pilot certificate was to build pilots that were doing it for fun — not for learning complicated computer boxes for flying that barely needs an attitude indicator in severe clear!  Having glass in an LSA just seems like such a waste of money and silicon!

The Icon really seems to care less about the computer chips and more about the cool.  I mean, here is a plane you can trailer… you can land on water… and land! It’s got a cool stylized cockpit that looks like it took some cues from a Lotus Elise. 

Best of all, it looks like something that could turn the heads of the guys I see trailering boats to Saguaro Lake each weekend.  They could see the fun factor here, and that’s what would sell them.

I like the fact they try to make it all look sexy… a sexy unveiling… a sexy cockpit… sexy in a rather un-sexy looking exterior. But you know, some people are really getting excited about it… like Forbes, Business Week, and the WSJ. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

Sure, it’s a bit unconventional, but I like unconventional.  Everyone seems so apt to beat up the unconventional companies like Eclipse these days who want to do things in aviation a little different.  You know what, I’m all for it!  I think some of the negativity that comes from the populous that’s critical of paradigm shifts comes from the fact they need to learn something new… something that might be a bit outside the comfort zone.  Something that, heaven forbid, might make them take notice and change things in their business practices because the competition is changing the game folks!

And on behalf of that paradigm shift, I’m reading up on LSAs and Sport Pilot… because I want me one of those Icons!

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One Response to “Icon-ic? Yes Please!”

  1. Scott WRG Editor

    I saw this the other day, and for the first time I’m seriously considering getting my license

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