Twitter for Aviation: One Month In

twitter_logoSo it’s been about a month since I first started using Twitter and I must say that I’ve been pretty impressed with it.Â

I will admit that when Twitter came out a few years ago, I had my doubts about its usefulness.  I mean, what was the point of sending little one line blurbs via text messaging and getting them from others?  At the time I also was stuck on the thought that all blog entries I made had to be huge monologues on my life — and as a result, I became burnt out.

Luckily I didn’t get burned out on social media overall and learned to make my blogs a bit shorter and have been taking time to read and follow others.  LinkedIn and Facebook took my fancy as well and I continue to enjoy those to keep track of old friends and make new business contacts and friends as well.

Recently I noticed more and more blogs include their Twitter updates and even started to find it on the social media apps.Â

So I decided to give it a go.

The folks I have met on the system have been really interesting in respect to topics and insight and have been very welcoming to me, a late adopting social media junkie…

And yes, I said welcoming… something rarely heard when speaking of the Internet.  In an age of sterile communication masked under the cloak of ‘net anonymity, here is a simple little tool that opens up the lives of followers and followed people for all to see.

And it’s pretty amazing how personality and emotion show’s through in 160 characters or less.

Yes, there certainly is a lure to “collect” friends on Twitter like people often do on Facebook or (cringe) MySpace… but it seems less common.  I mean, if a person had thousands of Twitter friends, their cell phone would never stop beeping with text messages.

As for the aviation component, I am learning that Twitter might just be a fantastic tool for us diehards.

I can imagine walking the exhibit floor with a Twitter-equipped cell in hand, relaying directions on my position to associates or fellow AvTwitterers on the floor. Exciting demo happening? Twitter it! Fantastic new announcement being broadcast at Booth 1225? Twitter it!

Imaging the same situation at Oshkosh… and what new and exciting things you won’t miss with your Twitter equipped friends out there!

How about corporate flight ops?  Well, a coordinated dispatch network — selectively using Twitter — could relay status reports and problems to the whole team with one shot.  Certainly could do the same with email, but something can be said for the economy of text in Twitter.

NASA uses Twitter to keep space enthusiasts informed…each shuttle has an account and various satellite and explorer programs do as well.

I anticipate more applications will be developed over the coming year for the technology, but in the meanwhile, I’ll be having fun with the aviation Tweeple out there and hope you’ll join us too!

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5 Responses to “Twitter for Aviation: One Month In”

  1. Tyson

    Yeah, you’re not the only one that got sucked in…

    At first I only tried it out because I thought it might be important to know from a web professional standpoint. And then you start to follow a few people and you see what they can do with it… and then your stuck.

  2. Gordon R. Vaughan

    Yeah, Twitter has a lot of untapped potential. I keep saying it’s like a new kind of phone service, and I mean it – i.e. Twitter could end up like another utility with many things built on top of it. If Obvious Corp. doesn’t get it done, someone will.

    BTW, I think giving Twitter a push at Oskosh next month is a great idea! It could be SXSWi all over again, yet better!

    SWSWi 2007 was Twitter’s coming out party for tech folks, & gave it a huge boost in users. I’d love to see the same thing happen with folks in the aerospace biz using Twitter. Actually, there’s already quite a few, I’ve collected over 700 so far at AeroTweets.

  3. Gordon R. Vaughan

    Just checked, apparently the EAA folks haven’t even got an @airventure account yet! @oshkosh is already taken by someone else.

    Someone needs to tell them about Twitter!

  4. Rob Mark

    Good point Gordon. I was just up in Oshkosh yesterday and I’d say they have a way to go. I’m going to nudge them though.

  5. Dan

    You’re not late to the social at all. You’re still an early adopter!
    I started a FriendFeed room as well for OSH talk.


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