I need to update more…

So, it’s been more than a month for Arizona Keough and what has gone on… well, a few things.  It’s best to explain them using the following list in roughly chronological order (oldest to newest):

Launched the new Warbirds Unlimited Foundation website at www.warbirdsunlimited.org.

Handled all PR and advertising for the Wings Over Anzio event at Falcon Field.

Was laid off from my job on March 28th as Associate Director of Marketing at Daniel Webster College (along with just about my entire department).

Went through a few weeks of worry, dispair, and self-doubt (see above).

Turned 30 years old on April 24th

Started working as a weekend news editor for the Aero-News Network (www.aero-news.net) with hopes for a more full-time position soon.

Joined and became hooked on Twitter (see my sidebar for the latest).

Launched a Google AdWords campaign for Warbirds Unlimited Foundation… and still fighting with it.

Attended the Planes of Fame Airshow in Chino, CA for the first time ever… marking the journey to “warbird mecca” that I have been waiting nearly 20 years to do.

So now I have pretty much caught everyone up on what is going on.

As you can imagine, the third list item pretty much has knocked me on my butt for the past month or so.  I can’t say I was surprised by it happening as the change of leadership in our department was far from friendly, so we all knew that something was up.