Flew on a B-25 Today!

IMG_0320I got a ride on a plane that has eluded me since I started my warbird interest many years ago (19 years to be specific).  The North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber has always been a favorite of mine, and there happens to be quite a few still flying… yet I have never flown on one.

Until today that is.  Thanks to Jack Fedor of the Warbirds Unlimited Foundation in Mesa, I got a spot in the back of the B-25H “Barbie III” on a flight this afternoon. 

I am going to be doing a lot more work with the group in the near future, and happen to be working on building them a new website currently too.  They have a beautiful aircraft and are a great group of people too… so I’ll be right at home.

A video of me in the tail position and more photos of the flight after the jump.


Yeah, it’s been a while!

I know, I know.  The last installment of Arizona Keough was so long ago, you were probably thinking I fell into a well or something.  Truth is, it’s been a busy winter and writing has been out of my mind for a while. I love writing, but never seem to make the time for it… and when I do, I never think that anyone cares about my dribble.  Well, I care about my dribble… it’s cool to go back and read what I have written from year to year and see what I was doing… and drag up some interesting memories that my subconscious may have dropped!  For that reason, I may be moving my old posts from my ryank and neonaltimeter journals at LiveJournal to this blog… that way I have control over them and ya’ll have a one-stop shop for looking at the history of Keough.

Arizona is still pretty cool and we are still very happy to be here.  After hearing the stories of our friends and family in the Northeast with all the snow and ice, it was so nice to just take a walk in shorts and enjoy a clear night here… all winter long!  I will admit that I kind-of miss the snow, but got my dose from the business trips I took this past winter.  Each time I traveled to NH and got off the plane to the feet of snow laying about… well, that was enough for me.  Three weeks in total… that’s all I needed!

Business-wise, things have been busy as well.  My 9-5 job with Daniel Webster College has been keeping me busy during the daylight hours and my nights have been pretty filled with freelance work as well.  I am particularly proud of the work I have been doing for Cutter Aviation in Phoenix in the past few months… I redesigned their website (see www.cutteraviation.com), which was the biggest project, and have been doing some small print and ad projects here and there.  Look in next months Professional Pilot magazine and Aviation International News (AIN) for their 80th Anniversary Ad with their custom chopper in it… it’s my design (the ad that is).

So needless to say, it’s been busy… but I promise that these little entries are going to be more common!  It’s fun to get my thoughts on paper (or on ‘web’) and it will come in handy when I go senile!

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