I really wished I had watched TV sooner…

For those of you that know me, I have never been a big TV watcher.  Through college I existed without one and even when I moved into an apartment after college, my roomates watched the telly, not I.  I guess that explains my intimate knowledge of the Internet and general workaholic nature.

Since meeting Lilith back in 2004, she has gotten me into certain Sci-Fi genre shows and it has certainly stuck.  Back in elementary school I was a big Star Trek nerd and earlier still I was a little hooked on Star Wars, but I was really too young to understand a lot of it.

One of the shows that Lil started me with was Joss Whedon’s “Angel” which, thanks to TNT network, holds a backlog of nearly 30 episodes to go before we get to the end.  I’ve been attracted to the way that Whedon builds and advances his characters through the story and how you can’t help but relate and attach yourself to each one after a few episodes.  It’s that connection to the characters that makes you care what happens and actually can give birth to many emotions as you are watching it… that’s the power they have.

firefly Well, over the summer I was staying at my friend Rob’s apartment before relocating to Arizona.  Rob didn’t have cable, but had a fair collection of movies on DVD, so I began watching more of those than anything.  Well, lo and behold I come across “Serenity” a Sci-Fi movie that I had seen advertised but had no clue where the story came from or what it was all about.  I think I watched it four times over two days… I was that hooked.  The characters were amazing and the plot… what happens when you look at what the human race becomes 500 years in the future where we have inhabited other planets and moons and have abandoned Earth… basically the Wild West with spaceships… and no aliens.


I searched the web after this bender and what did I find?  An amazing fan universe that rallied around the short 13 episode, singular season of “Firefly” that more or less prompted Universal into creating the movie “Serenity” as a more fitting closing chapter to this cult-like phenomenon.  The show had been cancelled before anyone realized how amazing it was!  And that was back in 2001!  Damn, I wish I had watched TV then… I could have helped keep it on the air!

And the other thing I found out… it was created by Joss Whedon!  No wonder!

So Lil finally got the DVD box set of the original episodes and I am more in love with the show than ever!  I find myself actually depressed that tonight we will be watching the last episode before the movie.  And knowing what happens in the movie, I am even more upset as the character that most resembles me… ends up with a pretty sad fate in the movie. 

I’d love to keep the faith that the series may return in some form, or even a second movie, but I know that studios could care less at times.  I mean, look at what’s happening with the writers strike.

So I guess I’ll keep watching the episodes and movie over and over… catching more things each time and pining for more each time.  I’ll fly my computer simulation model of the Firefly Serenity and pretend I am Wash… and be sad :-(

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