The Prescott Blues

Years ago, back in 1996, my dad and I travelled to Prescott, AZ to look over Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s campus there.  Known pretty much as the “Harvard” of aviation colleges, ERAU in AZ was tempting for me as it was clear across the country from my roots in little Warsaw, NY and the fact that I’d be living and breathing aviation 24/7.  Things didn’t work out the way that I’d hoped and I never did go to ERAU for college, but I have long loved the college and the city of Prescott… and made a commitment that I’d be back some day. 

Well, I of course made it to Arizona and as far as Phoenix… and today I drove with Lil and her mom to Prescott for a visit.  It’s been 12 years since I drove up for the first time and this second time was a bit disappointing.

I have always been one for the growth of a city, but not when it looks like every other cookie-cutter city in the US.  Unfortunately it looks like Prescott is going that direction.  The drive on Route 69 from Prescott Valley (another town) to Prescott is horrid… many red-lights and many strip malls… including Lowes, Target, and the “big box” stores that you’d find around.  The town, once you get in to the center, still has a lot of that small Western town feel, but the nasty taste of the drive in made it strange for me. 

It was also really cold today. The valley (Phoenix) was in the 40′s and Prescott, which is 2000 feet higher, was in the 30′s.  No snow though.

I guess we’ll have to go up again this summer to see if I still get the willies.  I think if  we flew in to KPRC (Ernest Love Field / Prescott Airport), and drove in to the town that way, it’d be fine.  It’s a great spot for summer as it’s usually cooler than the oppressive heat here in the valley.

As an aside, it looks like I’ll be attending ERAU afterall… I am applying for the Graduate MBA On-Campus program at the Phoenix-Sky Harbor Campus and the convenient on-campus location is pretty attractive to me.  Normally I’d be continuing my MBA program with DWC online, but I feel that I need to have an on-campus solution since I spend all my working day on the computer at home… and need some interaction with other people. 

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