Where has Arizona Keough Been?

Well, about as far away from Arizona this week…

As part of my agreement with Daniel Webster College; I travel to NH once a month to work on major projects, have one-on-one meetings, and generally get to know the people that I normally only speak to on the phone.  This week has been one of those weeks and since Thursday, I have been a New Hampshire-er again.

Actually, since I still have my NH drivers license… I am actually an ex-pat living in Arizona for another week or so.

The flight on Southwest Airlines went without a hitch, and the rental car was painless as well (they even upgraded me to a Hyundai Sonata, which is a fairly nice car).  I am staying in Merrimack, NH at a Comfort Inn and have been surprised that it was painless as well… in fact it was quite nice.

Lot’s of meeting up with friends has been happening and lot’s of answering the “How do you like the weather down there?” question from folks here… but I don’t mind.

I DO mind the weather… cold and rainy!  I have been underwhelmed by the “pleasant Fall” that the area has been experiencing and am glad I live in a desert now.  I woke up this morning to pouring rain, grey GREY skies, and the ability to see my breath.  Not fun.

But alas, I am returning to Arizona tomorrow via Southwest and will be back to the boring sun and warmth again!

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