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Well, the last time I left off, we were showing you around the place… here are a few more shots of the area from my day on Friday.


Did I mention how nice it is to wear sandals and shorts around the area through the winter?  Oh yeah, and it’s nice to be driving the Jeep again!

One thing about the area… everything is accessible via freeways. I mean, they are building new ones here… like… weekly.  The one that was just finished to the South of our house is the San Tan Freeway… it services mainly… well, dirt… right now at least.  Dirt, a few dairy farms, and a former air force base.

IMG_0036The view is kinda nice though…

IMG_0037Hey! There’s more on the other side too!  I think I’m in a valley!

IMG_0047 Hey look, there’s one of them ceee-ment rivers! Who said there wasn’t any water hour here?!

IMG_0054Oh look, open land!  They don’t have much of that here now do they?  Don’t worry, in a few months there’ll be a Target or a car dealer here…

IMG_0048 Or one of those nameless office buildings…

IMG_0056  There’s that air force base… yawn, this is getting boring eh?

IMG_0050Woo hoo!  At least there are a few friendly folks here!  (Show Carol… she’ll be happy to see someone copied her plate… somewhat)

Can you tell I like my new camera?  I am carrying it everywhere now!

IMG_0062Phew, at least I am making my way back to civilization!  Unfortunately this means I am getting closer to the DMV and the car dealership where I can lay out some money… yay.

IMG_0061 And in case the street signs get blown away by a hurricane, you can always look on the closest mountain… in this case, a stone sign laid on a hill back in the 20′s to direct air mail pilots to our lovely airport… 20 miles away.

Almost to the DMV… fun.  Oh, and here’s a handy number in case I need it…

IMG_0068Yeah, the genius with this business plan did NOT graduate from DWC…

IMG_0069 Gas is pretty cheap here too…

No photos in the DMV… that was 3 hours of my life I can’t get back…

But here was the fun little present I got at the dealership… I guess our Jeep was a condo for a few mousies.

IMG_0035 But after all that… I got a chance to see some of the local greenery…

IMG_0072  And the mountains are pretty too… in this case Red Mountain in Mesa.


Pretty flowers grow around here too… I have seen more hummingbirds around here in the past few days than I have seen in my life.

IMG_0099OK, back to Mesa… time to pick up Lil… here is the building she works in on the campus.

IMG_0100  Anyway… that’s it for the day!  See ya’ll tomorrow!

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