Welcome to Daniel Webster College West!

OK, now that I have settled in a little bit, I should show you around… here are a few shots of the new DWC outpost in the desert!

IMG_0019This is the front side of our building… our townhouse is the upstairs and as you can see… we have DirectTV. (Not that I will be using that during the day!)

IMG_0017This is the driveway side… our garage and our entry door right next to it.  The door under the chimney is for our downstairs neighbors… a nice couple who moved here two years ago from North Carolina.  They said that our complex is full of folks who are from out of state… something of a haven for non-desert types I guess!  The window with the mini-balcony rails is my office.  The balcony on the far right is our other neighbor… a gent from Nebraska who likes his football (Cornhuskers all the way!)

IMG_0012It looks like I need to do some cleaning in the office before Monday… still have to unpack stuff from two months ago!  Thank goodness it’s mainly empty boxes… and NO, those Barbies are NOT mine! Notice the treadmill… I may look thinner each month you see me!


Here’s my new co-worker… she doesn’t speak much and likes to take coffee breaks, but she’s an oldtimer anyhow… been with the company for 14 years… so what do you expect in a retiree!

The next few shots are taken from our balcony… from right to left.IMG_0014


IMG_0015 See! There IS actually green stuff in Arizona! As you can see, we are VERY close to the golf course… (part of the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort… see the website here). With the proximity, there are consequences…


These are the golfballs we have collected from the front yard since July… one that came through our window in August!

Lil and I have decided to open a driving range in a year or so at this rate!

Ironically neither of us golf!


Here is the driveway to our apartment… and the clubhouse that has the health club inside…

And at the corner of Alma School Road (our road) and Chandler Blvd there is this piece of junk :-)


It’s a North American F-86F Sabre… on a pole in front of the post office… everything down here has aviation in it!

Tomorrow I’ll send photos of the mountains and where Lil works… I am driving her to work in Mesa so I can take the Jeep in for service. 

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  1. Scott WRG Editor

    Glad you made it bro, now CALL ME! :) Nice place you got there, looks like I’ll have fun in January

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