Washington DC

I was in the Washington DC area over the weekend and travelled to Suffolk, VA for business in the middle of it all. I am pretty much sure that EVEN though it is generally pleasant weather and generally nice and scenic in the area, I am sure I don’t want to live there. DC is a bit too plastic for me… I noticed this when I was having a drink in a bar and the husband of a couple beside me was very intoxicated and aggressively trying to swoon a sales pitch on a guy sitting next to him… government contractors of some type. The wife was irritated to no end, but she was no prize either… obviously flirting with the bartender while picking her teeth… ugh.

I took the past two days off and feel like I have barely gotten anything done. I just kind of relaxed and took a bit of me time.

Got a call today from my mentor Katha and she told me to email my recent resume to a Vice President she was meeting with. Evidently he has an opening for a Manager of a 3-plane flight department (all corporate jets) and needs someone soon. She recommended me, so we will see. Since it is located in CT, I’d have to move… and cost of living there is MUCH higher than here. I’d need a much better pay scale to make it worth it. Also, I have not heard of the company, so I am a bit skeptical.

Listening to a CD of Japanese flute… wow… I never thought I could be so relaxed by anything like this… its so alien, but so ethereal.

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